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The coaching

I could coach you to understand the basics of the game for each role. I'll help you see the game differently and avoid hardstuck by giving you a mental boost.

As a theory crafting enthusiast, I can help you choose your runes, items etc.

Don't hesitate to contact me on twitter or discord for more information!


Identify your areas for improvement

Thanks to my experienced eye, you will be able to identify your most critical areas of improvement to move to the next level.


Accelerate your progress

I will allow you to greatly accelerate your speed of progress, thanks to adapted and personalized training.


Have feedback

Exchanging and sharing experience  is a unique opportunity to enrich your approach to League of Legends and competition.



Here are some opinions of some people I was able to coach on Lol (findable on my discord)



"Coaching 20min about ten days ago (winner of the draw), I had a little trouble at first but now I try to apply his advice as best I can and it’ s crazy how 2/3 small changes can make the difference"


Who are you

"I’ m really happy with the result. I’ m not going up fast because the LP of wins is 14 while the loss is 16 - 17 but in the meantime I have a win rate of 65%. So I’ ll probably be able to go up in Elo. Thank you again"



"I also validate the coaching of Shac Nicholson, hardstuck silver for a few seasons. I went gold 3 rather quickly and I continue to climb. He makes you aware of lots of little details that make the difference"



"I only did 1 coaching with Shac, but I can already give some info: I've been stuck gold since season 7, I took 1 hour coaching with Nicholson, I had 1 million clicks and I just pass Platinum 4 three days after the first coaching. I confirm that he is very pedagogical, benevolent and that his help is of high quality!"



"It took me a few days, it starts with a series of victories and there it goes downright more on the screen, I think the coaching is starting to work well! It's nice! Already 9 Wins in a row"


Alexander Kerfa

"I took a session yesterday with Shac because I wanted to roleswap and suddenly learn about the jungle, and what can I say, it was excellent, he already took the time to explain everything several points, I was able to fill a page of paper on the macro, the jungle roads, how to think in early etc... and immediate result, 5/6 win today. I feel that it clicked and recommend it to you if you want to learn more quickly"

To go further: Here are two complete coaching videos!

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